Customer Query Tracking System Project in

Customer Query Tracking System portal is for companies where employees should manage customer details and solve issues on daily basis and update to customers. This type of application will provide an effective way of customer support. The system has a primary hassle in finding the product help and service sports that are undertaken by way(…)

Banking Account Management System Project in

Banking Account Management System application is developed for banking sector for managing different types of banking related works from deposit, payments, withdrawals and provide a user-friendly interface.  Project Overview: Supply of Account Information: The account records provider will offer clients a precis of their debts. these debts could be saving of modern deposit account. the(…)

Online Gift Shopping Project in Asp.Net

Online Gift shopping website project is an e-commerce website which is a business to consumer-related business which assists users to purchase products through online. Online shopping is fast growing business which provides cost-effective e-commerce solutions. This platform helps in bringing users, business persons, and product owners on a single platform. E gift shopping website is(…)

Clinical Vista Project in PHP

It is a website which shows and helps you to collect most of the information about Hospitality and Medical Services. This site will be done using PHP 5 and MySQL 5. It can use by the public to view the list of doctors available in their cities and take appointments of doctors with the help(…)

Medical Health Insurance System Project in

In the healthcare industry, there are many areas where a software application can improve performance. This application Medical health insurance system project is useful for organizations which deal with insurance claims, processing insurance from patients and maintain records. This application provides a solution to manage all type of services that are provided by medical services.(…)

Cab Service Maintenance System Project in

Managing cab services on daily bases is a complicated job which needs communication between different departments inside the organization. In order to make work simpler cab service maintenance system project is developed which will have admin, hr, maintenance, movement and finance modules. Product Description: In terms of cab condo offerings, the cool carrier is the(…)

Online Blood Donor Project in

This idea is aimed at developing an online blood donor application. The entire challenge has been developed retaining in view of the allotted consumer server computing era, in mind. The blood donation agent is to create an e-information about the donor and company which might be associated with donating the blood. Through this software, any(…)

Online Cash Processing Project in

Online Cash Processing projects are developed using N tire architecture which works on a waterfall model. This project comes under banking transaction system category. The main objective of this project is to design and account division system which will provide an effective way of transaction system with a user-friendly interface. Using this system bankers can manage(…)

Mobile Payment System Project in

Mobile payment system project is developed in which is useful for helping users to manage mobile bills, send and receive information from any location at any time. This application will provide an option for any type of users from job holders, housewives, and business persons to pay bills through this web application. This application(…)

Instant Internet Project in Asp.Net

The instant internet project in  is a network-based project which is developed for easy communication between employees of the of the organization who are located in different locations. Using this application admin can interact with multiple users at a time using this application. Using this intranet mailing application administrator can interact with projects leaders(…)