Forum Website for Question and Answers

Forum website for question and answers is a forum for students or colleges or web site developers for using it in different ways.  Students can use this for sharing knowledge and discussing on issues. Colleges can create forum for updating information related to exams , results and interact with students. Product function’s overview: In the(…)

Pharmacy Distributor Management System

Pharmacy distributor management system project has good scope in pharmacy industry for managing distributors who are working for company form different locations. Introduction: Pharmacy industry is fastest growing industry in the world which will develop drugs , produce and market drugs to different parts of the world.  There is separate body for drug distribution under(…)

Voice Based Text Editor Project

Main objective of voice based text editor is to integrate voice to notepad or any other text editor for dictation and speech processing. There are different type of text editor which are used in programming and creating work documents but for each text editor input will be mostly typing method. Though there are few new(…)

Online VAT Paying System

Online VAT paying system project is useful for tax department and business dealers to pay tax through online based on products they are purchasing. For example if a dealer Is purchasing petrol he can fill form and get total tax amount and pay by online.  Admin can add new dealers to application and delete dealers.(…)

Whole sale Mart Management System

Whole sale mart management system is a software application which can be used in big marts to manage inventory related information.  Information of goods with stock and time of delivery and reports related information can be managed using this software. Introduction: Warehouse management system is a web application which is designed to manage employees and(…)

Web Portal for Managing Advertising Company

Advertising agency web portal is developed to manage company advertises in city with cost and payment detail and manage company employee details. MODULES DESCRIPTION NUMBER OF MODULES User Registration. Web Advertises and Payment Management. Advertisement and Places Management. Security. Reports.   1. USERS REGISTRATION     The general users who registered as a client in all domains,(…)

Government Certificate Issuing System

Government certificate issuing system project main motivation is to reduce process of file system that is to be carried out today in government organizations for issuing any type of certificates for citizens.  Project Introduction:  Government e services is the concept of using information and technology in different offices for simplifying working process. There are many(…)

College Job Guidance Portal

Project scope: College job guidance portal project scope is to design a website for college which can help students to know about resume preparation with sample resume formats and upload resumes to portal. Resumes are forwarded to companies for further processing. Introduction: Job portal websites helps in providing option for users to reach companies are(…)

Banking Application for Loan Approval System

Banking application for loan approval system project scope is to design a web application which can atomize the concept of loan management. This web portal will have communication between users, loan recovery team and banks. Banks are major providers for loans for employees working in different organizations. Banks are using more advanced methods to verify(…)

Web Based Online Book Shopping Project

Project scope: Scope of Online Book Shopping project is to develop a web based project in java to Purchase a book through online and providing option to generate id for each transaction and online payment methods. Introduction: Selling books is a commercial business with a retail outlets .This process of writing books and selling  books is(…)

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