Alumni portal android application is an education-related application which provides a platform for students for sharing information between different years and help each other in different areas. This application helps students to connect with each other under a single platform.  This application is mainly for students who are studying in the college and want to communicate with students who passed out from same college. Using these mobile application students who have settled in jobs can share their success stories with other junior students and guide them for better future. This app will be maintained by college admin who has permission to accept and reject permission for any users.  This app is different from other social networking sites which are only developed for college. So users who are using this app will be mostly students from the same college.  With this features in future if we want to add more modules it will be easy and doesn’t require any others permission.

Along with students faculty can also share their information with students and help them in getting jobs.


The alumni supervisor device introduced on this bankruptcy is located properly in among the sticky notes for your screen and a complicated alumni manager software. the alumni supervisor allow you to look for your own online who are already signed in on this utility. First, any user needs to be registered in our application whoever already sign in, will get password and username, by way of the usage of their credentials they’ll see their own content material.They don’t alter different data. They can search for their pal in the current device. And also they send criticism to the consent admin. The website specifically developed for together alumni’s all around the international.


This proposed system is an android based application which will be accessed from any location. Students can get updates and notifications for any updates on latest topics. Compare to existing web-based alumni portal this mobile app will reach the most number of users.


1. User Module (Front end & Back End)

a) Alumni

b) Student (junior)

c) Faculty

2. Admin Module


Hardware Requirements:

Processor                            :               Intel Dual Core processor.

Hard Disk                             :               80 GB & above

Primary memory              :               2 GB / 4GB.

Software Requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7.

Tool                                       :               Eclipse IDE

Data Base                            :               SQL Server 2005