The main objective of android local bus stop locator application is a map service based android application which works on all mobiles which support android operating system. In order to use this application user must have a valid mobile with an internet connection. This application uses Google maps API for showing routes and location bus stops from the user location.

When user register with application user need to allow permissions to access user location based on existing user location details of user source point is taken and from this point list of bus stops and locations of buses are shown on google maps. Using these maps user can schedule travel time. The user can select bus stop and know the time of buses available at that bust stop.


This application will have two modules admin and user module

Admin module:

In admin module, the admin will upload details of buses and stop details and list of busses that will arrive at that bus stop. These details are uploaded to server admin can view a list of points on maps.

User module:

In user module user need to register with the application and get username and password and login to the application . After verification is successful user can log in and view list of bus stops on mobile and user location. The user can check the list of buses at each stop with timings.

Tools and Technology

Android 2.1 Platform

  • Eclipse
  • Android Development Tools (ADT)
  • Google API(minimum level 7)
  • SQLite Database