Board game Design Project is simple Android based JAVA gaming project which is a two player game user can select second player as human or computer. This project covers full java source code with design details.

Board Game Design

Project Category:

Java Gamming Project on Board game.

Board Game introduction:

Gaming is the fast growing online business and many companies are investing in to gamming projects for developing web based gaming and mobile app. Users can just log to website and select game from list and play with user who is willing to play from other location. There is also option to play with computer as second player.

Playing Board game is fun , there are many types of board games like snake and ladder, chess..etc which is designed for multiplayer. If there is no second player then we cant play so developing a board game software can help users to play multi player game with help of computer as second player.

Sample Source Code:

Board Game Design Project Files:

AI Random

Board Analyzer

Board Test

Computer Player

Game Timer

Human Player

Human player board analysis



Source code file consists of graphic design code.

Download Board Game Design Project Source Code in Java

For learning gaming projects users can buy guide to board game design book which has concepts of story boarding, design, prototyping, coding..etc