Calculator android project is a education project which will have basic features like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication features. This this article we will give source code for full project and explain main files.

About Android Calculator:

Android operating system is the fast growing mobile operating system in the market. Android provides solution for users to develop their own apps and upload to app store and help users to download for free of cost. 

Download  and use this calculator android students project source code and develop app and use it for final year project. 

Layout Code: Main. Xml

When application is executed this is the first layout design that will run which will load width, height, load back ground details..etc.

 Java File : Calculator Activity

Calculator activity file will load design form like buttons,  text view, on click functionality,  display text.


This is the main configuration file for calculator android project. This xml code will load main layout by default.

 Download Calculator Android Source Code