E contact Android app project is designed to help users in emergency situation. Using E contact mobile app user can contact hospital, fire station, police, bock bank, emergency contact and ambulance. 

E Contact

Project Introduction:

The bottom line is that the main idea behind this project was to create an android application that could be of great use in times of emergency. Our goal is to help set an official guideline to assist Emergency Response Teams in their efforts to save time and lives in the event of an emergency and help people in times of emergency.

There would also be functionalities that would allow quick access to all relevant information that would be required at the times of an emergency. Thus, with only one click on your screen, we can send SMS alerts to all your saved contacts,call rescue workers.Thus, this application could be a LIFE SAVER in times of a calamity.

E Contact APP Design:

Here are few high-level details of application:
1) Whenever you install the application for the first time, it is mandatory to enter your details and register yourself by providingyour name,contact number, blood group, emergency contact name and emergency contact number.
2) An option to update your and your emergency contact details is provided in the application under the “Settings” option. Incase you want to give your phone to someone, they can update their corresponding details instead of uninstalling and installing the app again.
3) Feature to contact the emergency contact number is provided under “Help” option.
4) Feature to contact rescue hotlines is provided under “SOS” session.
5) Option to send a request for blood group by sending an SMS to all the contacts, which includes the current location of the user, blood group required is possible with the “Blood Bank” feature.
6) Nearest hospitals, Ambulance Service, Fire Station, Police Stations available can be searched using the corresponding options provided in our application.

Download E Contact Android Project Source Code. Link to download project report