Main objective of this application is to design a ECG application which uses wireless technology (vitalsense from Intelsense). These sensors will detect and send ECG data signals using Bluetooth technology.

ECG Android Project Overview:

With the advancement of mobile technology there are new ideas involved in to it mainly app development is the fast growing features for different types of mobile operating systems. We can find many useful apps the app store which covers medical, health care , gaming..etc. At present android mobile operating system is the mostly used all over the world. In this project you can project on how to develop ECG monitoring using android app.

With the new wireless technology design with simple and small sized hardware are available in the market which has helped mobile developers to use these technology to develop applications for mobiles. In this application Mobile Electrocardiograph ( ECG ) which is developed using these wireless monitoring devices which use remote technology.

With availability of latest wireless technologies and mobile technology developing ECG monitoring app has became easy.

Features of ECG Monitoring APP:

This app will monitory heart conditions and take real time results and take measures based on results.

Data is transmitted using Bluetooth technology.

Data is accurate and data transmission is fast.

As android OS is mostly used all over the world reaching maximum number of users will be easy.

Download ECG Android Project Source Code and Project Report.