Main objective of facebook friends on google map android application is to develop a simple application which is useful for users to locate friends on google map who are listed in their friends list.   

Project Overview: 

At present social networking is the ongoing trend in every country. With this improvement of users visiting social networking sites a mapping related application can be developed with integration of facebook.

With the introduction of smart phones most of the users are using them and installing apps available in the mobile stores makes developing application and marketing for free of cost.  There are many apps which will show our location on maps and guides for finding route but there are very few apps which can locate friends address on maps mainly friends from facebook. 

About Project Design: 

For developing this application location based services, google maps API, Facebook apps code and android operation system is used.  Using location based services we can find location of friends in facebok and provide current location and map it on google map.  GPS is used to trace address and locate friend. 

In this application in order to get accurate location of the friend current location is always updated to system and display on map. 

Download Facebook Friends on Google Map Android Source Code