Food ordering application in Android is a simple mobile application which is useful for ordering food from the stadium or playground while viewing matches. The user can get information of each item available at the food court inside stadium and order through the app .

Food ordering application is an android app which enables person to reserve food while person is viewing  the sport on stadium, this utility is very simple and consumer pleasant in order that a kids can also recognize and use it, this application connects to the stadium server and give all the information about available food courts and their food menu on the cellular, select any food to shape the mobile and region an order, the app will keep seat number and send the statistics to the server, the order will be displayed in the food stall and they’ll serve order on users seat, and take the precise amount . that is the primary challenge what is mentioned here; it has some more powerful and exciting functions.

Existing System:

Presently there are not any correct managed packages which can provide all the facts effortlessly in a single region, if a person desires to apprehend the contemporary event that occurs round them, then you definately have to use a laptop to look for related facts and there may be no appropriate net site that offers all of the facts in the identical place, then in case you get hold of the location of the occasion even though you have to undergo masses to get to that region, inside the stadium after taking the seat if the man or woman desires to eat some thing or ask for something that he wishes is to go to the food courtroom document close to him and region an order and wait until they serve, whilst the implicit time will make him lose a lot of show content. that is what appears to be the present unmanaged system.

Proposed System:

Food Ordering app software program can control all the one’s topics in an extremely good and green manner, the application may be very effective and green that it is able to locate consumer’s function and song all the nearby events presently to be had, if man or woman selects any occasion the app will routinely offer rout map for the vicinity and direct him at the skip, as soon as the person gets to his seat, he is going to get all the statistics about close by food courts available nearby him and consistent with the client’s choice food courts menu is probably displayed then the purchaser can area his order, and within a few minutes the order is probably served and the bill might be charged after serving the order.

The proposed app makes all the unmanaged and worrying situations of the winning gadget very exciting and without a doubt easy.