Furniture Shop Management System Project is aimed at developing the system for the furniture shop owners who can “efficiently” manage the business. This project is aimed at providing the required information from the available data for the shop owners to make the informed decisions and utilize the constrained resources in the best possible ways. 

Furniture Shop Management System

Furniture Shop Management System Objectives: 

The objective of the project is to develop the system which is required for managing the retail furniture outlet effectively. The business requirement is described in the following section: 


The requirements of retail furniture outlet management system are:

1)      To have the facility to track the total inventory in the shop. This acquires utmost importance since the “inventory” in the shop should neither be too low or too high. It should be managed at “optimum” level. The system should assist in this direction to maintain the “right/optimum” level of inventory. This information assists in effective “supply chain management”. 

2)             To have the facility to track the purchase order and GRN [Goods Received Notes] 

3)             To track the repair details of the furniture. The repair could take place either in or outside warranty period. This information will assist the shop owner to keep track of nature and number of such defects and take suitable actions for the future. 

4)      To have the facility of customer order management system. This information helps to capture the repeat customers and valuable customer which will aid in arriving at discount for the furniture sale.

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