Group messenger project is a communication project developed in Android Platform. This project is developed as master’s project by Computer Science Students.

Group Messenger Android Project

Project Category:

Android Java Group Messaging Software

Project Abstract:

Mobiles application is having good demand in marker. Mobile apps for android, iphone are helping users to earn money by developing own apps. Users can develop android applications and place them in store.  Because of this trend in app development students are willing to develop android projects for college final year projects.

This project is also college project developed by students. Group messenger is a simple communication project useful for sharing information with group of members who are available in the list.

At a time single user can share messages with multiple users using text and sharing images.

Users who are using this application can invite friends to join in a group. If Users accept requests his availability is displayed in messaging form.  User can view if user is online or offline.

Steps before Execution:

Before executing this project students should read text document that is available in the download folder.

Download Group Messenger Android  Project

Project Scope:

Students can develop group messenger project as mobile app.   Basing on requirements students can add extra features.