Health Update For Quit Smoking Android Project  is a health care-related application which is useful for users to get away with smoking and information about health status with images and a total number of cigarettes user had smoked for each day.  Based on these details information of smoke level and damage done to lungs will be displayed with images. 

About Project

This android app is compatible with both Android devices and Android tabs.  It provides a clear user interface with easy features with the status of lungs. The user is provided with a simple user interface through which he can update information on the total number of cigarettes smoked today along with daytime. Based on these details total damage is calculated and displayed in the form of images. The user can check status for even giving the reduced number of cigarettes and get detailed improvement status.

Project Description 

Health Update for Smokers app provides an interface for users who want to quit smoking but not able to do in order to quit smoking makes using conscious about a total number of cigarettes he smokes daily and what will be health condition of lungs and their damage details can help them in reducing smoking.  This is done by analyzing input details and give output as images of lungs.

System Requirements

  • JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • ADT plug in
  • Android SDK
  • Any Operating System

Hardware Requirements

Pentium processor              :233 MHZ or above

RAM Capacity                       : 256MB

Hard Disk                           : 40GB