Hospital Appointment and Online Disease Diagnose Management System android application is a user-friendly app through which user can select a hospital and diagnose the disease with our any ones help and know get details of what could be the disease and find location of the hospital and select hospital and book appointment.


Using this diagnose tool patients and hospitals and find out type of disease he is suffering from. He can get basic treatment details which can help the user.

A sickness is an atypical situation affecting the frame of an organism. it is regularly construed to be a clinical situation related to particular symptoms and symptoms.


A hospital is a fitness care group supplying affected person remedy by means of a specialized team of workers and gadget. Hospitals regularly, but no longer usually, offer for inpatient care or longer-term affected person remains.


It helps in finding the patient’s sicknesses. it’s far very helpful to find out signs.

And signs and symptoms in diagnosing the reasons of fitness troubles and in tracking the status of diagnosed sicknesses.



  • Locations:- This module helps the user to find the location of the hospital and trace out time taken to reach that location and find out branches of that hospital in that area.
  •    Web View:- 

    Using this module user can find doctors availability and find out timings and book appointment for that particular hospital and take an online appointment.

  • UI designing Database:- This front end design we design user attractive layouts and User interface and back-end we use SQL lite database. The design is user-friendly and user with basic knowledge can also operate.

Existing System:

When any person needs to realize about the primary data of diseases the man or woman will have interaction with a net or some other seek advice from medical doctors and casualty individual if the man or woman need extra approximately any records about this health center. The character will engage the concern health facility and if the user wants to take appointment person want to go at once to the hospital to fix the appointment. If the consumer is enabled to go health center especially time. The person will permit to take appointment immediately.

Although consumer input in time he’ll await appointment registration for a while a few times it’ll take a lot of time.

Proposed System:

The software in android will get the primary information approximately all info of unique health center and approximately any statistics approximately sicknesses and symptoms will get instantly thru this utility and it will show the route or place of the precise clinic. And will also get an online appointment instantly we can use it and have been at any time by means of the use of web view it suggests the net registration shape at once in website consumer can get an appointment instantly and this utility presenting doctors information and their designations.

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32- or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (x86 only)
  •  Linux (tested on Ubuntu Linux, Lucid Lynx)
  • GNU C Library (glibc) 2.7 or later is required.
  • On Ubuntu Linux, version 8.04 or later is required.
  •  64-bit distributions must be capable of running 32-bit applications.