This application Insurance and Banking Notifier is a android application which is specially developed for users who want to get notifications on personal finance related information on their mobiles. 

Project Introduction: 

In present trend smart phones are playing important role in providing information for users on go. Because of vast features of smart phones apps are designed to get closer to users and provide better service. 

This android app will help users to get notifications about their last date of vehicle registration, renewals details, banking information like, last date of insurance payments and fixed deposits information. 

After installing this app on android mobile phone notifications  are displayed on status bar for above mentioned features. 

Features of this project: 

In this application we can add, delete, modify, update, list insurance, banking related information. We can fix dates for notifying events and we can modify date and time to get notifications after last date. We can take back up for database and restore to memory card. 

Download Insurance and banking Notifier Android Project Source Code with step by step execution process to run this application.