Purpose of METRO Android Project  is to develop a user friendly mobile application in android platform for provides mobile based service for customers. which provides a service to all the customers and users who want to find information of trains running and fares from any location using mobile phone. 

METRO Android Project

Existing System: 

In existing system users can find METRO information on official website. In order to know details of trains schedules , route map ..etc we  need to open website and search for details . There are issues like while moving we don’t have fast internet to search websites and find routes on maps.  This method is not efficient when we are moving. 

Proposed METRO Android Project : 

In proposed system we designed a METRO app which works on android mobile platform . Users can install from app store and find train schedules, routes, fares, facilities. Users can view data from any location and access app which is user friendly. 


|User can view six features on main menu . 

Schedules :   In schedule user can search for train based on three features. User can search for train based on time by entering from time and to time. 

User can search trains between from and to stations 

Search by train numbers. If user knows train number they can search trains and timings. 

Facilities :  

                User can find train timings, train availability and train stations. 


                User can find fares for trains based on distance they are traveling. Interface shows costs and km’s. 

Route Map: 

                   Map with all stops details are provided in map which is useful for user to plan destination 


            Help features is useful for user to know about how to use application.