Multi Mode Block Messaging Android Project the name itself indicates that it contains different modes and for each mode the functionality of the application has set with the time and associated message. Only the contacts which are saved in the saved list are allowed to take the call and the other calls will be blocked basing on the functionality of the application. Battery level mode is also specified when the battery level is matched with the given battery mode and the application will be worked.


The future scope of this application is that we can take the back up of the call logs and messages.The other functionality is that automatic reply to the received message suggesting that he could not check the message at this moment.

Current or Existing Systems: 

This application if the calling number is not present in the selected list the number is automatically blocks and the message is delivered.

Proposed System: 

               In this we will set different modes associating with the message and time and the blocking functionality works for the non saved list unless for the saved list. If the battery mode and the battery level matches the call will be rejected.