Android platform provides a best way to reach users with a unique concept and there is more than 10,000 applications apps request in last year which is uploaded to the app store. As smartphone users are increasing daily usage of apps for different purposes also increased.

Using Android platform as base this project school student system is developed which helps the school .


School Students Management System Android Project consists of admin and user modules. In admin page, admin can add details of each student with his Hal ticket number and other details like attendance and marks. These details can be viewed by their hall ticket number. Using this app user can track any student details from any location.

Existing System:

At present most of the management applications are done through online web applications where users should be on the system to know about any details related to students. In this system there is a issue where if the user is not in the system he must have a mobile compatible website then only he can view data.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system, we are developing and mobile app which will have admin and user module. Where admin can upload details of student and user can search based on his details.

System Requirements

  • JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • ADT plug in
  • Android SDK
  • Any Operating System