New papers need web based applications like newspaper advertising management system which will help users to contact advertising team to book ad slot and pay amount through online. This application is developed in Asp.Net.

Project Category:

Web Based News Paper Ad Agency System Software

Project Synopsis:

As we know News papers has maximum reach all over the country and every one will read paper. News papers provide best solution for business by providing advertising slot in news paper and give rates for every slot.

There are different packages of adverting on news paper , for front page , middle page, sports page, classifieds.etc.   In order to get adverting requests there must be a effective method for reaching users.

This newspaper advertising system web site will have detailed explanation about packages and contact details with type of ad, ad information submission, payment method.

Working Procedure:

User can register with application and view advertising portal.

User can select type of advertisement by choosing category (ex: education, jobs  …etc)

User should chose package from the list.

Basing on our package ad formats are displayed user can chose which ad format is useful.

By entering date, timing and information of ad we can apply for slot. We can edit, delete, and modify record.

List of Forms:

Add booking

Add booking for employee

Advertising details

Book advertisement

Change password

Employee master 

Student Information:

Here we provide project source code in with database design.  Students can request for, php, java project with reports.

Download Newspaper Advertising Management System Project

Main Features:

Online procedure for booking slots and payment

Users from various locations can book slots without visiting office

Direct contact with new paper agency for support

Topic: Asp.Net Projects