Appointment Scheduler plays a typical role and acts like a link between many of users usually in a schedule. The main objective of “Appointment Scheduler Project in Asp.Net” is to introduce computerized system in a widely spread Schedule which can be used as a resource for user, in order to ful fill the basic needs of a user like Appointment Details, Communication, Appointment Viewing as well as contact details.

Appointment Scheduler

Project Category:

Appointment Scheduling Application Software

Advantages of Appointment Scheduler Application:

This also helps to provide an easy and fast interface for the database of an schedule to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. By providing this entirely Viewing  the information regarding the Contacts  can be fetched from any corner of the Schedule  in a highly secured manner

Computerizing of an appointment details whose contacts are situated at different locations and connecting them through Intranet. This provides easy accessing of contacts and provides communication links between users. The project maintenance is very easy and modifications can be made in the existing system in future.

The customers policy premium payment status can be viewed in a systematized manner by the Agents and cross verify the defaulters. The claim status raised by a specific policyholder can be tracked very clearly in a transparent manner, and checked until the claim is settled. 

Software Over view:

Front End Design: ( C# )

Database Design: SQL Server

Forms Over View:

List of forms used in this application are provided below

Add Appointment, Add contact, Change Password, Delete appointment, Delete Contact, Features, Forget Password, Modify appointment, Registration form, User, Update, View Contact.

Download Appointment Scheduler Project Source Code and Abstract in Asp.Net

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