Project title: Assignment Management System ( Asp.Net


                 Now a days in many company to assign job to employee they call a meeting and to trace the progress report of work also they meet directly then question arises to do that work on line they want a system in which they are able to give job online and trace the current status of the work and completion according to that. They also major the employee efficiency regarding the work completion on time.

Assignment Management System Project in Asp.Net

Assignment Management System

The main objective of assignment project management software is to automate the assignment process of work. Using this software an employee can perform assignment related work though online.  AMS software will be used by the employees of the HCL at the time of their assigning of work and thereafter. AMS is designed to manage, assigning of work process entirely online .It is flexible enough to co-operate any changes or enhancements made later within the application.

Server side Software Requirement

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Visual studio 2008 IDE
  • SQL Server 2005

To develop this project the various Software resources are used.

  •  Front End                       :  ASP
  •  Back End                        :  SQL  server 2005
  •  Web Server                     :  IIS
  •  Technology                     : .net technology
  • Code-Behind Language      :  JavaScript, HTML,CSS
  • IDE                                 :   visual studio 2005

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Assignment Information System Modules:

The user classes can be divided into three categories.

Admin:- Admin user is a power user having the capability to create a new super user as well as general user and also delete the super usre and general user. This user also having the power to assign the assignment to the super user.


Super User:- super user is a power user having the capability to assign the assignment to general user. This user also having the power to add and delete the assignment.

General User:-General user can see the details of the assignment.and download the assignment from the database and can see the list of assignment and also can change the own password.

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