Aim of this automatic car cleaning system using proximity sensor main objective is to design a simple micro controller based system which can use conveyor belt and proximity senor for cleaning car with minimum human interference.


Purpose of this project is to design a new system which can automate process of car cleaning without interference of humans. This system will use automated water spraying, cleaning and sensing objects with sensors.


Project Introduction:

In present system we are using a manual car cleaning system where humans must perform operations like adding soap, cleaning by hand this process is entirely manual process.. With advancement of new technologies and micro controller based systems and sensor we can develop an hardware application which can handle cleaning without any human interference. In this application we are using proximity sensors to detect object and perform action this will help in performing action.

Conveyor belt is used for moving fluid from top of the car which will help is dispensing liquid equally from top to all parts of the car. This assembly can move back and front for flowing of liquid which will spray heated water and soap on to car with low speed which will move according to commands given from computer. User from computer can control washing process. After liquid cleaning is done steam is used for final cleaning and removing dirt from car.


This embedded hardware application is a new automation method to wash cars with computer interface.