Project titled automation of windows for temperature control is designed for controlling window with respect to temperature variation in our room. Temperature is monitored using temperature sensor and window open and close is done by motor driver.


Purpose of this project is to detect adverse environment effects using temperature and other sensors and take precautions.




Automation of Windows for Temperature Control

Automation of Windows for Temperature Control



With availability of new technologies in embedded systems and electronics filed there are many new developments in the field of security services which is reducing man power. Security is important in most of the industries where man power is risky. In order to provide security electronic devices with sensors are used which are monitored by employees.  This technology are used in chemical and mechanical industry.


This application is demonstrated on cars windows where are issues when cars are parked in sun . Normally when cars are parked in sun windows get heated and there are chances of cracks and breaking. In order to over come this windows should be slightly opened , so for this system we need automated car window opening and closing system based on temperature.  In this application we use temperature sensor which are used for monitoring surrounding temperature and send details to embedded software which will have algorithm to perform operation. When temperature exceeds limit details are send to central logic unit and motors are used to open windows to flow air and again temperature is calculated if it is reduced then max limit windows will close.


  1. Microcontroller
  2. Temperature Sensor
  3. LDR sensor
  4. ADC(0808)
  5. LCD (16×2 lines )
  7. MOTOR


  1. Keil u-vision
  2. Embedded ‘C’
  3. Express PCB

Download Automation of Windows for Temperature Control project abstract.