Fine crop project is related to banking management system category which is designed to act as a medium between banks and customers. This application is simply like online banking system with limited features related to banking. Fine crop banking application is developed in programming language which can be used as mini project.

Banking Management System

Project Introduction:

           With the improvement of software technology and web applications most of the banks are using online banking applications for reaching customers to perfume various actions through online. Customers can transfer money, check balance, request for check books, generate reports..etc. 

           Considering the importance of online banking features we have developed fine crop application with basic features like checking balance, creating new accounts, check book issues, and report generation. Using these application customers with saving account can only request for check books through online. Remaining features are only for viewing purpose.

Fine Crop Banking Management System Modules:

Account Information Module:

This module will give overview about customers account details. Customers can get details of account balance, get summary of account, details of available balance, Reports for money transfer details.

Away from account information customers can get warning message when ever account minimum balance is below minimum limit. Limit for each account is decided by bank.

When customer want transaction details that be analyzed he can check different options based on account number, date and time and get details and generate reports.

New Account Creation:

            When customers visit bank to create new bank account this module is used. Bank manager will create new account by entering user name, account type , minimum balance.


Using deposit module banking management can update users bank accounts when new deposits are made. New deposits are updated to database and reflected in user accounts.

Download Fine Crop Banking Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net with full documentation, PPT, Database, Data flow diagram.