Thousands of people cross the border of the country everyday. To track them all security agencies need powerful software. This project will serve the same purpose.


This project is to track all the people to cross the border of the country via road route. Some countries have multiple points, people can come in point and leave in another point, in these type of cases security agencies found difficult to update themselves, who left and who still in the country, to track all these people this online project is very helpful.

This project border crossing service system is a online project, its works on internet, This project has three modules

  1. Admin Module
  2. Employee Module
  3. Citizen Module

These modules will help each segment of people to achieve their requirements.


The main objective of the project is to provide online tool to the security agencies to track all the people who come to the country and who left the country. The other major objective of this project is to provide an option for citizen to obtain citizen card to cross the border.

Hardware and Software requirement

Hardware Requirement

Processor                        :        Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more

RAM                                :        1 GB or More

Harddisk                         :        80GB or more

Monitor                           :        15” CRT, or LCD monitor

Keyboard                        :        Normal or Multimedia

Mouse                                       :        Compatible mouse

Software Requirement

 Front End                   :       ASP.Net with C# coding

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows 8 or Windows 7

Browser                     :       Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

Web Server                        :       IIS