This project budget Planner for organisations is specially developed for companies where there is large number of employees. This application provides options for companies to reduce manual work by automating the process of work. Employees can select different options available on the portal for submitting bills. These details are sent to concerned department and user will receive confirmation mail for acceptance of the request and updated details will be sent through online. This method will provide the user with a user confirmation mail about the status of the request.

The architecture used in this application will have a centralized database with distributed architecture. Data management is done through the centralized database for this purpose MySQL is used as a database. For front-end design, technology is used. Each page will have database connectivity code through which MySQL drivers will connect to the database. In this project security for data is given high priority There are multiple modules with different functionally and report generation modules for easy understanding.


The primary purpose of this task is aimed at growing a gadget which reduces paintings burden of personnel of the corporation. every enterprise has a few upkeep and finances making plans. In this case, submitting the bills to their corresponding managers can be a headache and we must hold facts manually. A few instances in the manual system there is an opportunity to get mistakes. To conquer those difficulties and time being great to apply this type of software. On this, the personnel within the corporation post the payments to their managers. The payments could of various sorts and also of diverse amounts. The worker after submitting the invoice will routinely offer the manager’s name to which the invoice can be submitted.The bill will bypass via a workflow system and the owner of the bill can view the repute of the bill at any time. An e-mail will be sent to the worried humans to let them recognize the repute of the invoice.


• It’s miles restricted to a single device.
• It is much less user-friendly.
• It’s miles having masses of manual paintings (manual gadget does not mean that you are operating with pen and paper, it additionally consist of running on spreadsheets and other simple software)
• It calls for greater no of personnel need to work.
• It’s time eating method.
• The present device may be very much less relaxed.
• It’s far unable to generate distinct styles of the report.

Download Budget Planner for Organisations Ajax Asp.Net Project source code, Project Report, PPT.