Building Management System Project PPT Covers over view about project design and helpful links to download full project report. Main objective of this project is to design a web application which is used to handle building related information.


  • The Building Information which are contains adults word or information which is suspended by the Admin.
  • The new user should not login to the Building Management Site before Registration and after View Building Information. 
  • The guest users can only view the Site. They cannot edit or delete Building Information.
  • The Member user can only  View, edit and Delete own Building Information.

Expected Advantages:

  • In the Building Management  Admin manage all Building , users, categories and having the authority .
  • The Member having the more facility to than the normal Client.
  • Company info and latest Building Photo are also displayed on the Home page.
  • The Site  should provide a simple security model so that a member is required to Log in before they are allowed to submit Building Information.


  •  Our main focus is Quality of work. We thrive to provide a quality service to our clients.
  • The main reasons to Building  Management :
    There are many methods to promote a Building website but few are free or as low cost as Building Manage .

    • Increased Building Reputation
    •  Provide Different type of Building Facilities
    • Easily Handle the different types of transaction .Like a Income, Expance, Voucher and Receipt.
  • The another main goal is that to Increase Building Management.


  • Guest user cannot view the building information.
  • No extra ranking facility for our site.

Download Building Management System Project PPT and project report.