Mobile app based cab booking system is fast growing business all over the world. There are many android based cab service apps which are working in different countries and providing service for users. This application helps users to easily find cabs on the go using a mobile with internet features. Android apps can provide user with best available service provider by showing costs for each service provider and availability. 

Cab Booking System Project in Android

Cab Booking System specializing in Hiring cabs to customers using a mobile app.  Using this application users can  select source and destinations and book cabs which are available in that root. Using map features users can check distance and shortest route.  Based on user request available cabs from different service provider are shown to user.  Users can register with application by entering personal information and pay amount using different online payment methods. 


In today’s world of mobile communication and wireless internet connectivity with smart phones , mobile applications are playing important role in every walk of our life. Comparing available online based services which are compatible to specific resources are being issues for users to manage works from mobile. Even though there are mobile compatible websites we need a effective applications which can work from mobile with user friendly features.

 Compare to existing online applications we develop new architecture for android based mobile phones to design cab service application with user friendly features. 

Addressing these issues, we develop an mobile application “CAB SERVICE SYSTEM”   which provides a service to all the customers and users who want to find cab service from any location and book using mobile phone. 

The project basically deals with the cab booking system. Since it’s a mobile application the problems of single tier could be solved using this application. Customers can  can book cabs and find different service providers available at that location and book from mobile.   

This application basically starts by installing mobile app and selects source and destination locations and check distance and available cabs running in that location and enter users address, phone number, and personal details. User can pay amount using credit card or any online payment methods.   

This System helps users to directly contact cab driver who is available at that location and book service. 

This system also provides option for user to check different service provides available at that location and check cost for each service and select best one.