Cab management system project is developed in ASP.NET Programming language. In order to manage cab services we need a effective software application which can handle finance, HR , Maintenance and movement.

Cab Management System

Project Category:

Web Based Software for Cab Service Management System Final Year Project

Project Abstract:

Travel agency which runs buses, cars need a effective management software for handling different types of work. In existing system manual record management is used by most of the agency which is time taking process and process is not efficient.

Proposed system Cab Management is a web based application can handle customer details, employee’s details, payment details, cars details.

Module Design and Functionality:

Each Module will have different permissions and functionality.

Admin: Admin can add Manager, change admin password, Delete, add, Manager records, Edit manager and view managers.  He can have over view of managers working from different locations and communicate with managers directly.

Finance Manager:  Manager can modify personal settings like change password, update profile and update vehicle billing details to database.

HR Manager:  HR manager looks after employees details, salary details, update personal details, change password, manage employee shift details, view batch details, view shift schedules, view profiles of employees.

Maintenance Manager: His work is to look after vehicle maintenance from spare parts to vendor details update, delete, and modify details in database.

 Maintenance Manager can perform these actions. Delete vendor details, delete vehicles, edit vendor, and edit vehicle details, spare parts details, vehicle details, view driver details, view vehicle details.

Movement Manager:   He will look after vehicle traveling schedule, where vehicle should go, time, date, booking, location, driver details.etc. List of operations are explained below

Update own profile , change password, city details, driver shift details, delete city details, route details, trip sheet, vehicle search, view profile.

Download Cab Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net