Managing cab services on daily bases is a complicated job which needs communication between different departments inside the organization. In order to make work simpler cab service maintenance system project is developed which will have admin, hr, maintenance, movement and finance modules.

Product Description:

In terms of cab condo offerings, the cool carrier is the most depended on and reliable call in the travel enterprise. the most superior tour sellers supplying cab apartment and car rent in India, making complete use of information technology to improve the extent of our efficiency. but, that is only one element of offerings. and this challenge constantly attempts to offer the quality of services – both in phrases of guy and system, to our customers.
Moreover, this challenge has a fleet of motors ranging from luxurious to price range cabs. whilst, it offers online cab lease carrier for corporate homes. and this assignment claim to provide the first-class of fees, that are tailored depending upon the facilities, availed and provide both intercity and intra-metropolis cab facilities. all cabs have proper allowed and documentation so that the customers could not be hassled by the dearth of files. however, this undertaking has a strategic backup system for any eventuality. cab drivers are educated, polite, and reliable and are educated to deal with acute breakdowns. the cab service consists of all categories of cars from luxury to budget.
Further, this mission’s utmost precedence is exceptional. to obtain this, cars are properly maintained and examined for handing over ultimate and uninterrupted overall performance. The team of professionals inside the travel commercial enterprise allows this gadget to design trips that fit all budgets and possibilities of the tourists. in addition, the body of workers together with drivers and administrative body of workers are well educated to discharge their responsibilities with loads of performance.

Existing System:

Cool cab provider is a progressive concept to simplify the transportation problems of employees of a company. in the present system, the company does maintain a person for the allocating and proper functioning of transportation .the character appointed desires to look after the assigning and movement of cabs.accredited person maintains the transportation info in papers, which is a tedious challenge if any updations or adjustments need to be achieved.

Proposed System:

Inside the previous gadget, information is stored manually in papers, to proportion the details of personnel changed into a monetary drawback. updations inside the details is a tedious project.

But a new gadget turned into proposed to conquer the above drawbacks.

Functionalities and blessings of proposed gadget are:


  •   Information is centralized which has overcome the sharing trouble in the previous gadget.
  •  As statistics is maintained electronically, it’s easy for someone to update the details, which has triumphed over the tedious updation in preceding machine.
  •   Maintenance is easy and overall performance is right.


Download Cab Service Maintenance System Project in source code and documentation.