Call center management system project is a intranet and internet based application designed in ASP.NET using C# coding using oracle database.

Project Introduction:

Call centers needs automated software application for better communication between employees inside office and also customers calling from different locations. We designed this application to full fill all needs along with payroll and employee resource management.

In this project we will provide full source code and step by step procedure for executing project and installing database. There is things to follow document provided in download file which will help student to execute this project.

This management software includes staff management and personal management. This application will increase better communication method for dealing with small scale business to large scale business.

Software Requirements:

Front End Design: Asp.Net

Back End database: SQL server.

Modules Explanation:

Admin Module:  Admin is the primary user who has control of software for setting permissions, deleting and updating records.

Employee Module: Details of employees are managed using this module with attendance, salary, deductions..etc

Registration: Customers need to register with application by providing personal and business details.

Customer Module: Customers dealings, agreements, personal documents and support details are managed using this module.

Project Features:

Managing customers and employees details

Communicating between employees who are located at different locations

User friendly graphical user interface with flexible features

Download Call Center Management System Project in

Project Development:

We can develop this project in, java, programming languages. Students can download project report and related projects from below links.