Car show room management system application is designed for managing customers details with requests and orders for delivery and servicing details , discount information and billing details .

Working Procedure:

This software is a standalone application which is installed in windows operation system. Admin is provided with user name and password for accessing application.  Admin can view main form page with vehicle stock, vehicle master, allot table, waiting table, distributor info and customer table buttons.

Project Title: Car ShowRoom Management System Project

Project Feature:

Easy way to manage entire features of car show room

Reduces manual work and total number of employees

Sales reports and stock reports will help admin to analyze performance.

Provides solution for managing distributors data and billing details

Useful Links:

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Contents in Project Documentation:

Project Synopsis

System Requirement

Design specifications ( dfd, sequence diagram, flow chart, context diagram)

Software scope

Screen shots

Project Scope:

At present most of the show rooms are using this application. This software can also be used in any vehicle show room with little modifications in database based on requirement.

Download Project Report and related projects source code in, java,, php from below link.