Software Application which can handle customers parcel details, payment details, updating receiving details is called cargo management system project. This software source code is available in ASP.Net with project abstract.

Cargo Management System Project

Project Category:

Web based Cargo Tracking System Management Project

Project Abstract:

Cargo services are one of the busy businesses where daily many customers sends goods from one county, state to other county. In order to deliver goods in given time management system must be computerized and reduce manual work and provide better quality.

In order to improve services software applications are playing important role for managing data in short time and update data to centralized database and provide solution for higher authorities to analyze data from any location.

Cargo tracking system or management system software application will provide all services that are useful for handling data.

Working Procedure:

Admin will have login form that can enter user name and password to view other features. After login is completed admin can view main form with customer details, transaction details, billing and enquiry modules.

 Each form will have sub forms for entering data and submit details. Details are stored in database when new customer details are entered and other modules will use this information from database for performing operations.

Software Advantages:

Software will reduce manual work and helps in managing data easily.

Data is secured and every record is stored in database.

Billing details consist of detailed information with payments, goods, time of delivery..Etc.

Enquiry module will help to find tracking details.

Download Cargo Management System Project in Asp.Net

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