Travel management is one of the biggest tasks for government and private companies. City Bus management system project ( Asp.Net ) software is designed to manage different types of works included in city buses and computerize total process of data management.

City Bus Management System

Project Category:

Bus Transport Tickets and Booking management Software

Bus Management Overview:

There are many departments where large number of employees is required for handling different tasks.  Most of the work is done manually which is time taking process , as software applications are playing important role in manage these tasks city bus management system software application is designed .

Software Features:

Route Management: City buses running on different routes are updated to database using this module which his shown in main form menu option. When new bus is allotted for a new route we can add routes and even delete old routes which are updated to database.

 This form consists of four sub modules:

Save, delete, edit, and exit

Bus Details:  Bus numbers and route details with timings they travel in that route with security issues related to bus registration..etc are managed using this module.

User can add new bus as save using save option. User can delete , modify existing records.

Bus Stop:  Bus running from source to destination stations it will cover different stops. Details of these stops and timings bus can reach that stop are managed using this form.

We can add new record and save and even modify, delete old records from database using sub forms.

Other features are listed below.

Trip information, employee details, schedule, report , ticket are other forms.

Download City Bus Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net

About Project Code:

This project is tested and ready to use. Source code file also consists of debugged file which is helpful for students to directly execute project. 

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