Client Server Application project is based on live meeting concept.  In order to provide a effective solution for organizations to communicate between employees who are located at different location  using a web application this system will be useful. This application is developed in programming language using sql server.

Client Server Application

Client Server Application Introduction:

Communication is important for every big organization to complete tasks in short time. Every project need a process of communication like phone calls, chatting, mailing..etc. At present employees and project leaders share information on phone which is not effective way of communication.

Live chatting is a client server application which works on web provides solution for record management and adds projects based on country wise and view total number of users with contact details and search for records and view user login history and send messages to employees.

Modules Overview:

Live Meeting chat server application consists of five main modules which are explained below.

Admin Modules: Admin is the primary user who will have access to database where he can delete records or update records and manage site, manage mails and generate reports.

Security Module:  For managing security related issues inside application this module is used.

Mailing Service Management:  When users share messages through mail service this module is used. Users will have all features like sending mails, save messages, delete, save to draft..etc.

User Registration Module:   In order to use this application features users should register with application by providing user name, phone number and other personal details and get unique user name and password.

Online Chat Module:  Registered users in the application can use this application for sharing messages through chat features users cans hare files and use single mode and group mode features.

Download Live Meeting Client Server Application Project in with source code, project report , documentation, ppt, data flow diagram, screen shots, PPT.