College Mailing System Project is developed in programming language. Main objective of this application is to develop a mailing system which will handle internal communication between departments and students and administration for sending marks, results, updates through mail.

College Mailing System

Existing system:

Existing mailing System like gmail, yahoo mail and so, can be used within any department or college wherein all the members can pass outs mails to each other but the only thing is the lack of control on others members mail accounts by the head person in the department who also be  the member. Being the head, he/she should access the other mail accounts as they have rights to access their accounts, as part of controlling the accounts. For instance  head of the college or administrator using the existing system can send to the members of the existing system but cant have control on others accounts , as being the member itself cant get permission to view others mails accounts and control those accounts. 

Proposed  College Mailing System : 

This central controlling of mailing system will be provided by our Gmail Client wherein we have divided mailing system on the based on two kinds of users, one is Administrator and the other one is user. Admin will have full control of the system he can modify passwords of users and block users from sharing unwanted information. With this application intranet mailing process will be easy.


User module:

User/Student will register to our website, once after login he performs the following tasks:

Sending mails to the members and to the admin

Receiving mails from members and from admin

Deleting the mails

Viewing sends items and deleted items

Adding contacts

Download College Mailing System Project Source Code in with source code and project report , documentation.