College Online Attendance Project covers features of updating students information based on branch and year wise and update attendance of each student and generate reports.

With the multiplied cognizance among people for the literacy, many colleges and schools have emerged and which will streamline the students, the respective boards have laid a constraint at the attendance. keeping the attendance for whole school or college may be very smooth at the bottom level. However while considered, the undergraduate schools that have been affiliated with a university, it’s miles very difficult for the university to keep the attendances for all the faculties. at the equal time, it is tough for the colleges to preserve the attendance of all college students who belong to diverse branches and years. Moreover, processing the attendance that includes calculation of normal possibilities and difficulty wise probabilities is a very tedious and difficult challenge. the calculations that have been finished need to be sent to the university periodically. This makes a very massive method and with the busy schedules, the colleges face a lot of issues. so as to overcome those problems, it’s far higher for the college to preserve a web attendance gadget for each university. The colleges may also enforce this machine for inputting attendance of numerous branches and diverse years. The processing is also easy and the system is also user-pleasant in order that any individual who has minimum laptop expertise may use the machine.


College Student:
This desk includes student number, student call, year, semester, segment, and department. the pupil table includes students of different branches, semester, section and year. so retaining tune of their topics can be a regular project. retaining exclusive student tables for different branches, semester, segment and 12 months might be a solution but retrieving the statistics in a generalized manner could be a hassle. So the generalized student desk includes columns named with the situation names as sub1, sub2 and so on. for each situation, there may be no. Of training performed and the number of instructions attended. So, these are targeted as sub1_c and sub1_a respectively.

This desk consists of school-wide variety, college name, and password for that college member. That is maintained which will permit specific logins for distinct college members and to enable the feature that the school member can get admission to only the topics that he’s coaching and no longer the alternative.

Subject Master:
This desk consists of subject code, problem name, 12 months, department, semester and branch related quantity. This department associated range may be used to distinguish the topics as sub1, sub2 and so forth as described in the pupil table.

Subject Details:
This table consists of the difficulty number, problem call, 12 months, semester, and section and school range.As a section is covered on this desk, every subject might also appear two times based totally on whether or not any elegance has two sections or now not. the school variety here is primarily based on the college variety of the faculty desk.The school variety here is used to know the faculty member who is coaching the modern challenge. moreover, the characteristic that the school member needs to have access best to the situation that he teaches also can be supported via keeping this school number on the issue desk.

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