Commodity market management system project is a web based application developed in programming language. Main aim of this software is to provide solution for trading and business on commodity prices.  As we know there will be fluctuation in prices on commodity available and purchase on goods in the market with this network based application prices will be updated regularly for a given point of time and location.

Commodity Market Management

Project Modules:

Commodity market management software application is divided in to three main modules which are explained below.

Master Module:  Data updated in this module is static will not change under any case. This data is permanent and cannot be changeable also called as stable.  Data updated in this module is updated to data base. This module can be accessible only for admin. Admin will have specific GUI for updating or modifying data.

This module contains locations of markets, commodity at markets, Locations, UOM.

Transaction Module:  In this module details of every minute transactions are updated like commodity prices, customer registration, Supplier registration. Data modified in this module will not effect Master data.

Info Supplier Registration Form:  This form consist of information of supplier name, address, pin code, date of birth, mother tongue, city , place , total address..etc. Using this form new supplier from any location can register with application and update details.

Customer Registration:  This form consists of Customer name, address, pin code, date of birth, and details of business category, occupation, qualification, age and password. User can get password for further login to application.

Reports Module:  Report generation module is connected to all modules where user can take reports for analysis. User can get current price, daily price, monthly, weekly, yearly reports.

Download Commodity market management system project source code in with project report, documentation, database, Data flow diagram, Screen shots.