The project entitled Communicative and Administrative Site for Driving School is a software project developed  for computerizing process of driving school .


        Communicative and Administrative Site for Driving School is online website. This website is to give all the information about the driving school. The customer who want know about driving school courses, he will get all the information through the site. He/she can register online for the required course and they can make payment online. They can also communicate the administrative staff of the driving school. On the other hand driving school administrator has options to track all the activities happen on day to day basis. He can control all the activities of the site. 


The main objective of the this website it to enable the customer to know about the driving school, give all the information about driving school, allow them to register online, allow them to make the payment through website, and allow them to communicate through website if they have any query. The other important objective is make provisions for administrator to control the whole site. 


Once this site is developed for one driving school the same software can be used for many other driving schools to host their corresponding websites. This is because the function of the all the driving schools is same.


       System configuration

Pentium IV 2GHz  or above

1GB RAM or higher


Color Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse


Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7

Front End : Microsoft Visual Web developer 2005 (

Back End : MS SqlServer

Internet Server : IIS

Browser : Internet Explorer or Chrome


Input/Output forms

Data Reports

Options for adding, editing and removing the information from the database