For the users of antivirus products who would like to know the simulation of an  antivirus the Virus Detection System Project is an application which shows the way of approaching a generic antivirus product.

Unlike to some antivirus products which binds themselves to specific signatures of some particular viruses, this simulation provides a generic approach by which we are able to detect more than a single virus with a common virus code in the database.

virus detecting system project

Computer Virus Detection System Project Scope:


User can get the file, folder or the entire system to be scanned by selecting an option from the scanning form. As a result of this a report is generated which is provided to the user. If there are any infected files they are listed in the report. The user will be provided options to delete the infected files or record their locations to delete them later. The files selected to be deleted by the user will be removed from the computer permanently. The locations of infected files will be stored in a safe place if the user selects the option to delete them later. The user is also provided with an option to update the virus data base by adding a new code or deleting the existing one. 


The new viruses cannot be detected which are not in the database. 


The virus code in the database must be in Assembly level language.

Database contains at least one virus code.

Modules Overview:


The translated assembly level code will be compared instruction by instruction with the source code that was stored in the virus database. The sequence of instructions that were there in the database will be checked with that of the translated code. Generally the virus cod will be inserted at the beginning or at the ending of the target file and hence the beginning and ending part of the translated code will be compared with that of the database code. If there is a match with the sequence of the instructions that are in the database with that of the scanned file then the file will be marked as affected or else unaffected and it will be passed to the report module. This module will be called incrementally from the above module until all the files that have been selected are completed.

REPORT AND REPAIR:                       

The report and repair phase of the project is the logical end of the antivirus process. In this module the files that have been scanned will be generated as a report with their status as affected or not and the user will get the options such as deleting the affected files. The affected files that the user doesn’t want to delete can be moved to the vault where the location of the file will be preserved for future so that the user can delete later if he wants.


The files that the user doesn’t want to delete will be moved to the vault where the user will get the option of deleting it later. The virus vault seems to be same as the above module but the difference is it will store the affected file locations for a long time.

Download virus Detection System Project Project Report.