Content management system project ( ASP.NET ) comes under web data management category. This software proposal is useful for managing data that to be hosted on websites.  This application can be developed in, java, and programming languages.

Content Management System

Content Management System for Websites:

This application is web based application.  Content management concept is useful for different websites like government websites, private websites, education websites, Wiki..Etc. There are different stages of content management process which are explained in modules.

Content Management System Modules:

Difference between two modules is one module is used before data is updated to database and other method is after updating data to website.

Content Creating:

When a article to be published on web there are three stages where data should be verified. Authoring, Editing, Approving, Deploying.

Content Hosting:

After every article is clearly written then it is posted to website by technical team by using different content management tools. In this process programmer will concentrate on SEO, Images, Advertising, Data backup…Etc.


Content management is important for securely managing data and easy to find old records and remove old records. This is mainly seen in government websites where tenders details should be updated and removed after tender is completed.

Download Content Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net

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