The project entitled cSharp eLearning tool is a computer based learning program. this program will help the student to learn c Sharp language. This program is provided with many examples so that student can gain much knowledge from it. 


        cSharp eLearning tool is c# program, this program will help the student to learn basics of c Sharp language. In this program multiple chapters are provided along with examples. one can execute these programs and check out the results also they can able to view the source code.


E learning is a fast growing education system which has provided option for students to learn any type of course through online from any location.  Students who are busy with many reasons discontinue studies in that case e learning method will be helpful. It provides time flexibility and with less cost. In this project we are dealing with c sharp course. 


E learning helps users in providing quality of service from any location .Users from any location can contact teachers under different category and take demo class and then conform course.

Hardware Requirement 

Processor                   :       Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more

RAM                          :       1 GB or More

Harddisk                    :       80GB or more

Monitor                      :       15” CRT, or LCD monitor

Keyboard                   :       Normal or Multimedia

Mouse                       :       Compatible mouse 


Software Requirement

Front End                   :       C# 2008 or 2010 Express edition

With Sql Server Compact Edition

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 3

Or  Windows 7