Customer Query Tracking System portal is for companies where employees should manage customer details and solve issues on daily basis and update to customers. This type of application will provide an effective way of customer support.
The system has a primary hassle in finding the product help and service sports that are undertaken by way of the employees. once the goods have set up on the client’s site, the cycle of assurance protection starts of evolved. To preserve the clients in a right chain of satisfaction the device desires the facts to be organized in a right relational manner.
The project is to hold the relational communique the various undertaking is to keep this relational verbal exchange some of the statistics, such that consistency, reliability, and integrity may be completed. the essential technicality inside the gadget lies in managing the coordination many of the income and service departments, that’s the fundamental maintain upon the gadget to advantage or attain profits.

This project is been divided into two modules. These are:
1. Customer’s Module
2. Employee’s Module

Customer’s Module: The Customer’s Module is designed to provide the following services.
Posting a Query:

Customers should be free to post their queries to the concerned department.
The system must identify each query with an automatically generated Query Id, for future references.
Survey Details:
Customers should be able to post the survey details on a department by simply selecting the department and post the survey details to the organization.

In survey details service the system provides the rate of satisfaction of the customer to a particular employee.

The rate of satisfaction can be known by giving ratings to the employee.

Customers should be allowed to check the status of their query, by using the unique Query Id provided by the system.

The system must display the answers along with the Query to the customer, after posting the query.

Employee’s Module: In this Employee’s Module, we have two services, which are
The employees should be able to see the posted queries, which are posted by the customers.
An employee can visit the queries posted to that department only.
The employee should post back the solution to the queries he has received.
An employee cannot only see his rating but also the rating of other employees who are working in other departments.

Posted Queries:

The employees should be able to see the survey details posted by the customers.
He can able to see the survey details of all the departments.
This system should also provide registration of new customers for the organization.
The customers should be able to see the frequently asked question asked by the customers.
A password protection with secure mode option is provided to guard against unauthorized access to the database.