Customer support service project ( in Asp.Net ) is developed for distribution company which is a electronics company . This application is useful for company to handle customer support for users like installation help, testing help, component testing, heat sensing..etc.

Customer Support Services Project

Project Implementation Overview:

The system in a flash of second can provide all the different products it is marketing for its existence. It is implemented such that to provide the integrated relationship among the products, their equipment type and the product requirement standards as per the association along with the product category and classification. The employee information can be stored and retrieved, which can be cross reference by complaint scheduling staff when the need for CSE arises.

            The system is designed to be operated to keep the track of product sales along with the history of customers upon who this sale is executed. So, it can help the CSE‘s by providing the product installation information which is very critical whenever the service schedule arises.

As this system is automated, the problems raised by the previous manual operated system are avoided, generally the problems comprises as such, The sales people identify the customers and negotiate them with specific product and sell the product. The administrator initiates the CSE for the product installation and record the information in ledgers. For the installation he checks for the nearest CSE. All this process is done manually. The administrator collects the service report from the respective CSE for future reference. Whenever the customer raises the call, the administrator picks up the details from ledger and checks for the staff availability, and provides the complaint schedule along with customer information. The CSE check for the warranty period of the product, supply the spares and finally report will be generated with manual operation. Generally, 

This process always needs some extra time and also becomes burden to the administrator. If it is handling through web, this process can be completed with in no time. So, this system is implemented to avoid the hazards caused by the old systems.

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