Customer Support Project is developed in  this application provides customers who subscribe in telecoms services with: a follow-up, services and responses to their inquiries. 

Customer Support Project

Project aims:

  • Our main aim is to get rid of huge amount of paper and complaints which could be lost easily or take a long time to solve.
  • provides new services in telecommunication industry.
  • Protocol to broad range of customers both nationally and worldwide.
  • Serving plans suit the needs of individual customers.
  • covering a wide array of voice and data exchange services.
  • Registration data for each customer, which will be strictly confidential.
  • Easy identification for the client of the network they are looking for its service (phone, internet or mobile).
  • The client determines the type of service they want to access easily.
  • Admin can read the services that the customer wants and will respond to them.
  • Processing the client’s request and sending back messages to the clients about it.
  • Making the system automatic and easy to deal with as possible.
  • We also offer business customers Data Center Services.


  • Customers are seeking new methods and services  to deal with also they need to get rid of old  traditional methods which may be lost and may easily fail.
  • There are no customer service sites in the field of communication that are simple and easy or direct to deal with and in return clients must be away from customer services websites and return to the indirect traditional ways again and again. 
  • Communication services clients cannot communicate with service-provider companies. 
  • Customers are looking for secure ,efficient and direct methods to contact with via internet or mobile or phone from any place at anytime with no complications or obstacles. and without fearing of keeping their personal data insecure.
  • There is no system that service providers can communicate with the client through, or even spread their services through.

Solutions :

  • Providing new methods and services which are easy and efficient to deal or contact with and to achieve getting rid of old traditional methods. 
  • Creating a site that is both simple, easy and also direct. Subsequently service providers can communicate with the clients easily. 
  • Keeping the confidentiality of the clients’ personal data and to feel comfort in communicating with our providers. 
  • Clients can use the telephone services, cell phone and Internet easily. 
  • Responding to clients’ complaints as quick as possible and with great accuracy. 
  • Communicating with clients via the e-mail which is the most reasonable and the easiest way. 

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