Drug Management System Project or Audition & Research Management is a system that practically concentrates on the associative standards of the Medical diagnosis and Research Developments environments. The new Bio molecular combination should have the ability in training its roots towards the ailment that exists in the body and fight against that ailment. In the initial stages while the drug is under the preparatory stages of experiment, it is combinationally checked on some of the living organisms, which belong to the species of mammals. Once the drug trial experiments come to a proper status on these animals to have precision check and reliability standards, they are once again checked upon the human beings who are physically associated to such problems. The individuals who are suffering through proper ailments are recognized and they are requested to participate in the Drug trials voluntarily. The participation of the individuals is governed through the Byelaws and legal procedures that exist under the human and civilian rights of the constitution governed by the European Union. The application increases in its size through the database, as the research activity increases within the organization. At a specific time the search of required information takes a great lot of time the search of required information takes a great lot of time and costs the organization both in time and money.

Drug Management System Project

Drug Management System Project Overview:

The present application concentrates on the relative information that has been stored at the level of the organization while the system is under the process of execution. To keep the latency of the system at the lowest profile the system manages all the information in MS SQL Server 2000 database, to keep at least of the database standards that are existing at the industrial level. The application has been developed using the .NET technologies to keep pace with the present trends of the industrial requirements. The different standards of the .NET technology have been adapted to Cater to the standards like Intranet based standards and browser specific user interfaces. The ADO.NET database connectivity has been exploited for the database interactive standards.

Download Drug Management System Project in Asp.Net source code, project report, design details and database.