E Auction Project or Online Auction System is a web based e commerce website which is developed in Asp.net Programming language. This application provides solution for selling and buying products through online using bidding process.

E Auction Project

E Auction Project Objective:


Main objectives of e auction project are explained below.

  • E auction project is used for selling and buying products through online.
  • There are two types of user’s vendor and customer. If user want to sell product he comes under vendor user who want to buy products comes under customer category.
  • Buying products will go through bid system.
  • User can know past bidding history using log option.
  • For any queries regarding product buying for selling users can contact customer support or give feedback.

E Auction Project Module:

List of modules used in this application is explained below.


Vendor or customer Module:

There are two options for users to register with application vendor and customer module. Each user has different registration form. When user registers with vendor form he can login only using those login details similarly with customer module.  Using this module user can update products for selling using bidding or buy products.

E Auction Management:

This module is the used for adding new products to website or delete existing products from website. Mainly user will handle this module. If he wants to sell product he will update product and if product is sold he will delete from his profile.

For customer after buying product he can mange product to pay money through online using check out process.

Auction Closing:

After product bidding is completed product is sold to person who put highest bidding for that product he can buy this product using online payment gateway.

Download E auction System Project Source Code in Asp.net with Project Report, Documentation, PPT, Database, Data flow diagram.