Specific title: E-social library Project in Asp.Net using SQL database

General title: keep your favourites books and keep up with friends.

Project aims:

Because of the Internet is rapidly transforming the production, distribution, and consumption of knowledge and information

  • Anyone has an account can upload, download and buy books online.
  • Providing our visitors with free accounts to use our services for free.
  • Our members can keep up with their social life and friends by their accounts.
  • Privacy and security that is the first thing we hope to achieve because every account has its privacy and security.

Our project is a website that is developed using ASP.net and linked with a database SQL . 

 E-Social Library Project

E-Social Library Project Overview:

Because different users to the internet some, we have to say that our members will be any kind of people may be doctors, teachers, children, business men, business women and any person who can deal with internet service and has a little bit of English knowledge because we will make it very simple and readable.

And now we notice some problems we hope to solve in this project:

  • Most website are difficult to deal with because they use lots of fields and controls I have to fill before login so it is a problem I want to have a nice time without wasting any minute.
  • How to create a global community of booklovers by encouraging users to discuss and share their favorite books with friends and strangers. By allowing users to build a virtual bookshelf and creates a great visual interface for sharing great books.
  • How we can a social network where booklovers can find other people who enjoy similar books.
  • How we can publish and sharing favorites books and engage in lively discussions about books with friends.
  • Our member needs his data to be secured so not any website’s visitor can access the data.

For full project source code and project report contact us.