E Student consultancy project is a web application for the business-oriented purpose.  Using this software application we can simplify testing process. In finding out students capability about their skills this tool will be useful. This application consists of the test process and their eligibility.  Users from any location can take test by registering with application and view results

The main objective of this application is to examine students knowledge of different subjects. Any users can register with this application to take the test. Each user after login to the application he can select a category on which topics he wants to take the test. After selection user will get a list of the question with multiple choices. The user can answer all questions by selecting correct answer after completing user will get a result with a total number of correct and wrong answers. This application can help in colleges and consultancies to choose correct person for job postings.

Existing system

In most of the consultancies, companies and colleges test procedure is through the manual process which needs human resource and time taking process. Each user should register manually pay the amount by visiting or depositing money in the bank and there are many other procedures. There are many other drawbacks as questions will be same for each user so changes of manipulation.


  • Gives Minimum Safety Mean For Character’s  Authentication.
  •  The Main Disadvantages Of This Machine Low Efficiency And Time Intake.
  •   The Upkeep Cost Of The Existing Device Is Excessive And It Has To Be Barred Via The Scholars Best.
  •   Students Sense Hesitation And There Is A Opportunity To Overlook Other Possibilities.

Proposed System:

On this proposed approach character secured authentications method are provided for each and each student and agencies, the scholar can enter into the system with proper identities, so it is easy to locate the fraudulent peoples if any mismatching happens. The e-student consultancy offers a bridge between students and corporate, which ends up in obtaining job gives an on-line check scenarios. loose gaining access to is furnished so the scholars and corporations can acquire the info securely without any put-off. On-line test generation method lets in the scholar to experience unfastened and attend the test to recognize their individual expertise. The result may be added without delay as soon as the check is over. this device is used to test the scholars and their eligibility level.

Download E-Students Consultancy Project in Asp.Net source code, Project Report.