Ecommerce shopping cart project is a web application in which is specially designed to sell products through online.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecommerce shopping cart Modules Overview:

List of modules and their explanation is given below.

3. Products Search Module : If user cant find any products from the given list he can use search options where he can enter product name and get results for that and select product.

4. Shopping cart Module: After selection process is completed use should add products to chart. This form will show cost of each product and total number of products selected. In this form if user want to remove any product he can delete.

5. Shipping & Billing Module: After product selection is conformed user can move to billing module where total amount and discount if any are calculated and total amount is displayed.

6. Payment Module: Using payment module money payment methods are displayed. There are different  types of money payment options are available like net banking, credit card banking, debit card. User can select different banks from the list and make payment. Money will be deducted from account which will make order conformation.

7. Admin User Management Module :  Admin is the primary user who will have option to manage records like products details, deleting records from database, updating new records, generate reports for daily , yearly and monthly basis.

8. Admin Catalog Management Module : Admin catalog management form is used to modify products details available on the site. He can add new product for delete existing product from the website and modify existing prices based on market rates.

9. Admin Order Management Module : When order is conformed if there are any changes to application order management module is used. 

Download shopping cart website project source code in with project report, documentation, ppt , database, data flow diagram.