Online Cash Processing projects are developed using N tire architecture which works on a waterfall model. This project comes under banking transaction system category.

The main objective of this project is to design and account division system which will provide an effective way of transaction system with a user-friendly interface. Using this system bankers can manage account information, account creation, deposits, withdraws, checkbook issues, payment details and report generation.


Supply of Account Information:

In this module, the user can check details of customers information and summary of each user account. These users account can be either current or savings account. The customer can view their entire details and know information about entire account and overview of balance, save payment details and transactions done at the different time.

A way of viewing account details users can get warning information of balance if it is less then minimum balance.

The account holder can get reports of entire month and yearly wise and user can select different options to generate a report.

New Account Creation: 

When new users want to take account user can use this module, using this module user can register with required account information and create a profile for each user. The user needs to give a digital copy of images and signature with address information. 


In this system, we need to implement all types of deposits options like through cheque, cash deposit, online transfer. The user will have the option to even send money to other accounts.


This application provides all types of money withdrawals that are through giving account number and amount. Each user must maintain a minimum balance in the account.


Generic Technology Keywords: Databases, User Interface, Programming

Specific Technology Keywords: ASP.Net, C#.Net, MS SQL Server

Project Type Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing

SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business, Data Access Layers

Download Online Cash Processing Project in Project source code, project Report and PPT.